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What are TADs?

Temporary Anchorage Devices, or "TADs", are a type of orthodontics that help to expedite the movement of your teeth. Essentially, they are small titanium anchors which are placed in your mouth to help you better position your teeth much faster. These can be used as an alternative to large headgear or in conjunction to braces.

Installing TADs:

TADsDuring the process of installing TADs the gum tissue where the TADs will be placed is numbed using an anesthetic. This helps to prevent any pain or irritation when the TAD is inserted. When the area is fully numb the doctor can place the TAD directly through your gum tissue and into your jawbone so that it has no risk of moving out of place. The installation takes a matter of moments and you may feel pressure in your jawline the first day, however any of this pressure generally goes away within just 24 hours of the placement. When your teeth naturally adjust to the conditions that the TADs have placed them in, you will be able to have them removed and enjoy straight teeth. Removing TADs is just as simple as putting them in and the entire process takes just a few minutes.

If you feel discomfort using TADs

TADsIf you feel uncomfortable a few days after you have had your TADs inserted it is a very good idea to consult our offices as soon as possible. You may feel pressure or a bit of discomfort a day or two after installation of the TADs and you can use Tylenol to relieve any pain that is associated with your TADs. If the pain and pressure persists however this is an indication that you need your TAD adjusted.

Cleaning a TAD

Cleaning a TAD can be done just the same way that you would clean many other orthodontic equipment such as braces. It is important to continue brushing your teeth at least three times a day and directly after the time that your TAD is installed you’ll need to use special antimicrobial mouthwash at least twice a day to prevent any form of infection.

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